The Drosos Foundation is committed to enabling disadvantaged people to live a life of dignity.

The project entitled «In the inclusive classrooms» aims to provide support for 400 children with disabilities in being educated within a regular school environment in three regions of Morocco and to create a dynamic between the various parties involved (schools, families, specialist centres, local organisations).

Women in rural areas form cooperatives to keep bees and grow herbs. The women improve their income through the sale of the honey, dried herbs and natural bodycare products.

A mobile music workshop allows children and young people to discover music in a playful way and to try out instruments and other sound objects. Concerts are performed in the open air, in schools, kindergartens, community centres and concert halls.

In rural regions, women are generating income through the production and selling of crafts. The indigo plant is grown to produce blue dye for craft work.

Children record audio plays that reflect everyday sounds. The result, a hearing landscape of Switzerland, is presented online. Listening clubs are formed in schools in which children deal creatively with the subject of listening.